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  Our clientele includes people with ongoing injuries (including back problems), healthy athletes, seniors, and pre/postnatal women. Lena gives all of her client’s individual attention and tailors each workout to their particular needs and goals. 

Original Joseph Pilates Studio-

939 8th Avenue New York

Joseph and Clara Pilates


Pilates is a method of physical and mental conditioning that emphasizes the body's true balance, economy of movement, and a channeled flow of energy.

Joseph Pilates created the equipment and exercises with the intent to strengthen both the human body and the mind. His method was then carefully developed and refined over a period of more than eighty years.

Pilates exercises are flowing and precise. Quality of movement is valued over the quantity of repetitions. Through the correction of imbalances and the focus of body and mind, you will achieve a greater level of fitness from a concentrated workout.

Ruth St. Denis, who was known as ‘the first lady of American dance,’ described the Pilates Method best, “Not only is the body rejuvenated, but the mental and spiritual refreshment is beyond calculation.”



"Fitness is the first requisite to happiness."  -Joseph Pilates (1880-1967)

Lena working with Pamela Jones in 2001 right after the studio opening

According to the foremost text on modern Pilates, The Pilates Method of Physical and Mental Conditioning by Phillip Friedman and Gail Eisen, “That’s perhaps the most exciting thing about the Pilates Method. Each time you do the movements, you come away feeling stimulated and renewed.”

Lena’s Studio specializes in providing personalized Pilates training that helps clients tone, elongate, and strengthen their muscles. We practice in working individually and in small groups with clients who have a variety of needs and are at different levels of fitness.



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