I have worked out for 30 years in different ways: weight training, aerobics, step, elliptical trainer, stretch bands, Taebo, and walking. I have now been doing Pilates for one and half years and I simply cannot stress how important this has been for me. I am stronger and more flexible than I've ever been in my life. My core is so strong that my persistent back pain, which I've had for years is basically gone. I've never stretched in my life and that has been a huge improvement have never felt better! I am very happy with my program. I feel that I have finally learned quite a lot about the different exercises and that makes me comfortable, but I always know that something new is coming around the band! The variety, consistency, and close monitoring are very important and I totally get from Lena's studio. I cannot think of one suggestion to make. This is the best program I can imagine. I look forward to coming and working out. It doesn't get any better than that! You also cannot argue with success and I am a walking advertisement for you! Thanks for Everything!


–Phyllis G.


I have been going to Lena's Studio for four years now and it has done wonders for me. Lena, who is a great teacher, is both talented and caring. I think that is part of what make her stand out is that she really cares about your well being and health. You don't have to be in great shape when you start but will find that your body and mind change every time you go a class.


–Valerie N.


Lena's Studio is fantastic! The variety of equipment and expert instruction means I never get bored or tired of working on the same equipment week after week.  Lena provides expert instruction on all equipment (Cadillac/Tower, Chair, Reformer, Mat, Rollers) and is able to tailor an exercise program to each individual with careful attention to aches, pains, injuries and other ailments.  Lena is equally comfortable teaching clients who are in a rehabilitation phase and those who want a hard core workout.

I have been working out with Lena since 2005, she has kept me in great shape and has modified my exercise routine over time as necessitated by major and minor injuries, pregnancy and changing weight loss goals.  If you are looking for an exceptional Pilates teacher, an individualized exercise program and a pleasant atmosphere to work out in, Lena's Studio is for you (and your friends).


–Valerie C.


My wife and I have been going to Lena's Studio for a couple of years now and we have both improved our overall fitness.  Lena is a great instructor and is able to tailor a workout to your individual needs as well as adjust an exercise if you are recovering from an injury.  It is a great way to develop long, lean muscles without the bulk and strengthen core and stabilizer muscles that may not be worked out in a standard exercise program.  It has also been beneficial in preventing future injuries.  Highly recommended.


–Larry D.


The reason I love Lena's Pilates Studio is because not only do I get a good work out there, I also feel well taken care of knowing that I'm not going to exacerbate an injury or do anything to hurt myself. I started 2 1/2 years ago because of sciatica and lower back problems, but because of the strengthening exercises I do there, I have not had a problem since. I am stronger all over and have better posture as a result!

Lena is a Pilates expert and personalizes the exercises on the various equipment to suit your needs. She's GREAT and so is the studio!!!


–Karen F.


This is definitely as good as a Pilates Studio gets! Lena is amazing! I am in my mid 20's but have had my fair share of injuries, especially my back because I was a division 1 college athlete but Lena has helped my injuries drastically by strengthening all the little muscles while at the same time she has made me very tone and lean. She knows hundreds of amazing exercises so you will never get bored and if you're feeling great and want a really hard exercise, she can really go into high gear and kick your butt! You can leave her studio sweating like crazy and feel amazing! She is super nice and you immediately feel comfortable with her. I highly recommend this studio to everyone. You will not regret it. If you have tons of injuries or are as healthy as can be, everyone will benefit from going here.


–Julie S.


I have been coming to Lena's for over three years.  I'm in my mid sixties now, and truthfully attribute my flexibility and tone to Lena's expert, personal focus on my specific areas of challenge.  

I feel so fortunate to have her caring for my fitness, and would encourage anyone, regardless of age or body, to give this charming Pilates expert a try!


–Andrea F.


Lena's Pilates has been extremely beneficial for me. Lena has an enormous amount of experience and serious knowledge in the field. I highly recommend this studio!!


–Ori B.


Lena's Studio is the best!  I've been coming to Lena's studio for 2 years and it is the "strength training" portion of my weekly routine.  

Lena is great because she is always asking how my body is feeling that particular day.  If I did a long run the day before or slept wrong, Lena will adjust my workout by adding a number of stretches to the area that is causing me discomfort.  

I always leave Lena's Studio feeling better than when I went in.


–Ann R.


Lena is a wonderful Pilates instructor both personable and professional. Her studio is immaculate and very light and airy with easy parking. I love her classes and feel stronger in my body since working with her. Great results and definitely great value.


–Kerri K.


I highly recommend anyone who wants to get into shape, build strength and improve overall health go to Lena to do it. I have taken Pilates with Lena for 5 years and have enjoyed every moment. Lena is an expert at teaching all levels of student and is patient and caring. She takes the time to understand the special challenges and goals of every one of her students. I always look forward to spending time with her. Her studio is a comfortable and supportive place. 

She is simply the best trainer I have ever had the pleasure of working with and plan to for years to come.


–Irene B.


I highly recommend Lena's Pilate's Studio. She is consistently a pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable. I always feel refreshed after a session with her.


–Aimee J.


Attending Pilates classes brings my energy level up and I feel stronger, healthier and ready for my busy schedule. The workout program is designed according to my capabilities. My body is much firmer and I lost inches where needed. Pilates is my kind of exercise. The teachers are wonderful. I can't ask for anything better.


–Georgia G.


With the major health issues I have with my back and hip Pilates has been the only form of physical therapy that has worked for me. It has allowed me to lower my dosage of pain medication dramatically on a daily basis. Some days I don't take any medication at all. My workout program was designed specifically for me to strengthen my core muscles and expand my flexibility. Other places often offer Pilates in larger groups. Clients do not get the individualized teaching and correction necessary to prevent further injury. I trust my instructor to know what is best for me based on her education and experience. I feel fortunate for the experience and opportunity to be a part of Lena's Studio.


–Doris C.


Pilates bettered my life and keeps me "aware" to keep a strong healthy posture. After my workout program I feel glorious, after being stretched, twisted, and exercised. I feel happy, taller, and full of self-esteem. Nobody can improve perfection. Thank you Lena.


–Ursula P.


Lena's studio saved my life! I'm a music and physical theater performer. A year ago I injured my back to the point that I could no longer perform. Lena restored my back and got me out of bed and on the stage in no time. With Lena, Pilates is the most conscious, specific, and integrated fitness program that I have found.


–Michael A.


I am a 62-year-old sport medicine doctor. I have done 50 marathons and 2 Ironman Triathlons. I have done yoga for 20 years and I have never found a better all-around workout than Pilates with Lena. The core work is the most powerful and hardest I have ever done. The results are truly amazing and that's what keeps me coming back. That and Lena's knowledge, care, and beauty. Lena has guided me and many of my injured patients back to strength and health.


–Allen T.