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I have worked out for 30 years in different ways: weight training, aerobics, step, elliptical trainer, stretch bands, Taebo, and walking. I have now been doing Pilates for one and half years and I simply cannot stress how important this has been for me. I am stronger and more flexible than I've ever been in my life. My core is so strong that my persistent back pain, which I've had for years is basically gone. I've never stretched in my life and that has been a huge improvement have never felt better! I am very happy with my program. I feel that I have finally learned quite a lot about the different exercises and that makes me comfortable, but I always know that something new is coming around the band! The variety, consistency, and close monitoring are very important and I totally get from Lena's studio. I cannot think of one suggestion to make. This is the best program I can imagine. I look forward to coming and working out. It doesn't get any better than that! You also cannot argue with success and I am a walking advertisement for you! Thanks for Everything!


–Phyllis G.

I have been working with Lena for almost 2 years, and I can’t say enough about what an excellent pilates instructor Lena is.  When I started I had a hip injury that I had been struggling with for several years, and thanks to Lena’s focus on making sure that my sessions are customized to my needs and in slowly building my strength, I am now both pain free and in the best shape of my life. In addition to transforming my body, her sessions also are great for the mind, my weekly sessions are the highlight of my week. Every session is different, she is always teaching me new moves, and making sure that I am continuing to progress while having a good time in the process. I have done pilates in several other studios before finding Lena, and there is no comparison, she is so much more knowledgeable and skilled I would never go back to the other studios. And in addition to Lena being a fantastic instructor, she is a genuinely lovely person, and is always positive and encouraging. I hope to continue to be able to be a client of Lena’s for many years to come.


-Jenn Fullerton 

Lena's Studio is fantastic! The variety of equipment and expert instruction means I never get bored or tired of working on the same equipment week after week.  Lena provides expert instruction on all equipment (Cadillac/Tower, Chair, Reformer, Mat, Rollers) and is able to tailor an exercise program to each individual with careful attention to aches, pains, injuries and other ailments.  Lena is equally comfortable teaching clients who are in a rehabilitation phase and those who want a hard core workout.

I have been working out with Lena since 2005, she has kept me in great shape and has modified my exercise routine over time as necessitated by major and minor injuries, pregnancy and changing weight loss goals.  If you are looking for an exceptional Pilates teacher, an individualized exercise program and a pleasant atmosphere to work out in, Lena's Studio is for you (and your friends).


–Valerie C.


My wife and I have been going to Lena's Studio for a couple of years now and we have both improved our overall fitness.  Lena is a great instructor and is able to tailor a workout to your individual needs as well as adjust an exercise if you are recovering from an injury.  It is a great way to develop long, lean muscles without the bulk and strengthen core and stabilizer muscles that may not be worked out in a standard exercise program.  It has also been beneficial in preventing future injuries.  Highly recommended.


–Larry D.


This is definitely as good as a Pilates Studio gets! Lena is amazing! I am in my mid 20's but have had my fair share of injuries, especially my back because I was a division 1 college athlete but Lena has helped my injuries drastically by strengthening all the little muscles while at the same time she has made me very tone and lean. She knows hundreds of amazing exercises so you will never get bored and if you're feeling great and want a really hard exercise, she can really go into high gear and kick your butt! You can leave her studio sweating like crazy and feel amazing! She is super nice and you immediately feel comfortable with her. I highly recommend this studio to everyone. You will not regret it. If you have tons of injuries or are as healthy as can be, everyone will benefit from going here.


–Julie S.

Lena's Studio is the best!  I've been coming to Lena's studio for 2 years and it is the "strength training" portion of my weekly routine.  Lena is great because she is always asking how my body is feeling that particular day.  If I did a long run the day before or slept wrong, Lena will adjust my workout by adding a number of stretches to the area that is causing me discomfort.  I always leave Lena's Studio feeling better than when I went in.


–Ann R.


Lena is a wonderful Pilates instructor both personable and professional. Her studio is immaculate and very light and airy with easy parking. I love her classes and feel stronger in my body since working with her. Great results and definitely great value.


–Kerri K.


I highly recommend Lena's Pilate's Studio. She is consistently a pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable. I always feel refreshed after a session with her.


–Aimee J.

For many years I’ve wanted to try Pilates, but it was so foreign to me that I felt intimidated at the thought of even trying it. That changed when I was on a hike with a friend and he was raving about how much Lena helped him get strong and alleviate his back pain. So, I called Lena and she was very warm and gracious and we set up three private sessions. That was a little over a year ago and my only regret is that I didn’t call Lena 20 year ago! I’m so happy that three times a week I get to take a break from the craziness of life, slow down and let Lena help me focus on strengthening my body and mind. Lena is not only an amazing instructor, she is an incredibly lovely person. She provides the perfect mix of disciplined teaching with gentleness and compassion. Each time I walk in the door she wants to know how my mind and body are doing and customizes my workout accordingly. If I’m having a chaotic week, I notice that Lena will tailor my workout to require extra focus and some new challenges to keep me 100% mentally engaged, temporarily freeing me from my worries of the day. Since I've been doing Pilates with Lena, my entire body is much stronger and I feel a big difference when I do things that used to be more challenging, like lifting something heavy or hiking a steep incline. I’m grateful for Lena and I’m looking forward to many many more years of Pilates with her. 


-Julie O.



Our son is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, on the autism spectrum, and is intellectually disabled. He has been a student at Lena’s studio for six years. In spite of behavior and physical challenges our son is always happy and excited to work with Lena. She is so patient, understanding and caring with him. We are truly grateful for how her Pilates expertise and workouts have improved our son’s core strength, posture, and overall health.


-Janet C.



Lena is an experienced pro in Pilates. She knows how to work with my chronic injuries and makes each workout different and fun, depending on what I need that day. She is really the best there is in the Santa Barbara region.



-Mona M.



I am new to Pilates and have thoroughly enjoyed working with Lena one-on-one for the past couple of months. She is very patient, knowledgeable, and mindful of different skill levels and body types in just a short amount of time, I have noticed a difference in energy levels, alertness, posture, and core strength. I definitely look forward to each class!


-Stefany O.



Coming to Lena’s studio regularly keeps my body functionally fit. I can participate in life activities as I age without difficulty or injury.


-Becky S.



I’m 75 years old, an active golfer who still walks the course and carries his clubs. I have had two hip replacements and a reattached right bicep muscle. Under Lena’s direction and supervision for two years, I have received a large variety of stretching and balance exercises. No two workouts have ever been the same and the variety maintains my concentration and interest. Her studio is orderly and extremely clean. Lena disinfects that apparatus used after each client. During the pandemic the health and safety of her clients and herself was of utmost importance. At the beginning of a session she routinely asks how I’m feeling and the condition of my body. Lena continuously keeps me informed as to what muscles and muscle groups are being activated and is ever-vigilant to make certain I am doing the exercise correctly. We use all the Pilates equipment: the tower, chair, and the reformer. My strength and balance have greatly improved and I highly recommend the private sessions.

-Steve P.



Eleven years ago I was seeing my chiropractor twice per week for work related back issues. Then I started with Lena twice per week, and I haven’t needed to see the chiropractor even once since. Still at work, pain free. Lena is truly a life changer!


-Robert S.



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